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Your brain is a liar

Your brain

A dirty, rotten, stinking, scoundrel of a lying liar. A trickster, a cheat, a con artist, a deceiver. In biblical terms, a bearer of false witness.

Your brain has one main task—one prime directive: To conserve energy. In order to do that it lies to you. Constantly.

“You’re tired tonight. You should skip Jiu Jitsu”

“You did enough reps. You should stop”.

“Hit the snooze button… you need more sleep”.

Here’s Joel Jamieson:

The brain tightly controls both energy production and energy expenditure, and activity and training is a huge component of how much energy you expend each day. When the brain senses a threat to energy homeostasis, (i.e. too much energy is being used), its first reaction is to decrease motivation to keep moving and expending more, while increasing the desire to eat and take in more calories.

We are far more capable than we think we are. I recall reading a study showing that when cyclists thought they were racing against their own best performance, but were actually racing against a faster time, they exceed their best performance. When you trick the mind into thinking it has more in the tank, it does.

But really, we don’t need no fancy-shmancy study to tell us what we intuitively know. Imagine you’re in the middle of a hard workout. Let’s say you’re pumping out kettlebell swings and your lungs, legs, and grips are burning. You’re on your last set, closing in on your last rep. The agony is nearly over! At that moment, into the room walks in the most beautiful women (or man, depending on your preference) you’ve ever laid eyes upon. She stops to watch you. Intrigued. How many more reps could you crank out? What kind of maximum effort would you find the will to conjure?

Have I mentioned that your brain is a big-fat-pants-on-fire-hanging-by-a-telephone-wire liar?

It’s my belief that the difference between high achievers and average ones is that the former are able to ignore their brain better than the later. They ignore fear and they ignore discomfort.

Not once have I ever regretted ignoring my loser of a brain in order to do what I was supposed to do. The times I feel regret are always when I give into my prevaricating liar of a cerebellum and take the easy path.

So ignore your fibbing fibber of a dishonest brain and go train!

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