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Why women should train Jiu Jitsu


The uncomfortable reality is that preventing a big, strong, motivated attacker from getting ahold of you, taking you to the ground, and having their way is nearly impossible for the average women (heck, the average man is ill equipped too). Success against an aggressive encounter is possible, but it requires the type of skill you can only get training Jiu Jitsu.

Why is Jiu Jitsu so effective? Because it’s a grappling-based art that teaches how to defend from any position you might find yourself in, in any range of attack, even when you are on your back. In fact, the signature position of Jiu Jitsu is called “the guard”. You play the guard off your back, using your legs and hips as the primary defense tools. Once mastered, the guard can be a powerful and advantageous position, one that can keep you safe.

I’ve trained with many women over the years and I can tell you unequivocally that with a year or two of training, a woman can learn to effectively deal with the challenge of a strong attacker. This isn’t the movies, so no, you won’t toss big strong men around like some ninja. You might not even “win”. But you will become very difficult to pin down. You won’t be a weak target. Controlling you will be extremely difficult.

The above photo is Becky, a young woman I trained with at Roy Dean’s academy back in Oregon when I used to live there. To this day I consider her one of the most impressive female Jiu Jitsu practitioners I’ve ever trained with. Becky probably weighed 115 pounds at the time, yet her commitment to training turned her into a formidable grappler. Bigger, stronger opponents (which was pretty much everyone) found her nearly impossible to pin down, and if you left even a small opening she’d choke you out. Becky put in the work, and it turned her into a skilled martial artist. That skill is available to anyone willing to put in the work.

There’s an old expression in Jiu Jitsu; “if you don’t roll you don’t know.” To “roll” means to spar at full intensity. That saying could be reworded as “If you’ve never experienced what a fully committed attack feels like, you will not posses the tools or strategy necessary to deal with it”. The only solution is training. Real training.

So join us on the mat and begin your journey. We guarantee it will change your life.

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