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Impressive performance by our competition team

Grappling Industries

I’m extremely proud of our team’s performance at Saturday’s Grappling Industries tournament in Denver. We had 8 competitors enter, with 6 earning medals. The format was round robin and the brackets were deep. Our competitors fought a total of 33 tough matches.

Everyone showed great heart, determination, mental toughness, and sportsmanship. Overall our technique held up exceptionally well. Our losses came almost entirely via points, whereas our wins came mostly via submission.

Jason had two of the fastest submissions of the day, tapping out two opponents in under a minute each. Russ showed impressive stamina and resolve, taking the gold medal in the no-gi division after competing in a very tough gi bracket. Alan took the silver medal in the blue belt division even though he’s only been a blue belt for a week. Jordan had one of the most technical matches of the day, triangling his opponent three times before finishing him with an armbar.

The tough break of the day went to Drew, who let go of a kimura because his competitor tapped once then contested it. The ref restarted the match and Drew lost on points, likely costing him a medal.

Honorable mention goes to Megan, who performed phenomenally well considering she has been training only three months. It wasn’t her day, but she showed great heart and technique against more experienced grapplers.

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