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Several years ago I was profiled in a computer magazine. One of the questions they asked me was “what is the single most important trait of a good programmer?” My response: Curiosity. You must have an insatiable appetite to explore, ask questions, and find answers.

Recently I saw a post by John Danaher on Facebook where he states: “One of the most valuable attributes a jiu jitsu player can have in order to make sustained progress over long periods of time is a SENSE OF CURIOSITY.”

Curiosity, I believe, is the fundamental requirement for achieving anything significant. Sure, you need determination. But what curiosity provides is a framework to apply your drive upon.

Here’s John Danaher again:

That sense of endless curiosity is the root of enthusiasm and success in both teaching and learning - the moment a man loses that, it is only a matter a time until his study and teaching suffers. I believe the key is to always keep one question in mind at all times - IS THERE A BETTER WAY OF DOING THINGS THAN YOU AND YOUR PEERS ARE CURRENTLY USING? As long as you push this question to the forefront of your consciousness the game will always be exciting and continue to make you grow.

I can say without question that what has kept me interested in BJJ for more than a decade is my continued curiosity about the art. Every time I train more questions emerge, driving me to continually seek answers.

If you train BJJ, I hope you too are infected with curiosity.

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